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Zinfinity: The vanguard of Cloud DevSecOps

At Zinfinity, we continually innovate to provide you with 360-degrees of value enabled by our cloud DevSecOps. From the moment you sign on with us, you can kick back and relax as we defeat any challenges to your DevSecOps cycles head-on.

We utilize three distinct phases of implementation to set the stage for scalable and sustainable new growth that is customized for you. We deliver and create proven, data-driven strategies with a host of customer-centric tools that provide hundreds of valuable applications for your enterprise. Whether you’re transitioning to the cloud for the first time, or you’re upscaling to a wholly-integrated cloud solution, we spare no effort in enabling you to reinvent – and reinvigorate – your business..

DevSecOps innovations set us apart

DevSecOps microservices

Zinfinity provides intelligent services for every conceivable business scenario.

API-based security testing and guardrails

Our automation ensures your code is secure, tested, and on the right path.

Auto discovery of current pipelines

We start by determining the scope and state of your current pipelines.

Security policy as code

We fuse your enterprise security policies to your DevSecOps for seamless implementation.

Compliance policy as code and audit

We integrate compliance with an audit to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Comprehensive risk-rating dashboard

We continuously evaluate risk so you’re never blindsided by a threat.

Evaluation of DevSecOps vulnerabilities

We continually evaluate current and potential vulnerabilities throughout the cycles.

High-compatibility tool integration

Migrate and integrate easily and seamlessly with our latest tool.

Make an impact by partnering with Zinfinity for DevSecOps

When software is developed in a non-DevSecOps environment, security issues can result in significant time delays and incur hefty expenses. We help you integrate DevSecOps into your software delivery process. Your code and security are developed simultaneously, and your software delivery is streamlined and secure. This integrated approach eliminates duplicative reviews and rebuilds while giving you the peace of mind that your code is secure from day one.

The consequences of a security breach can be dire, ranging from massive financial losses to irreparable damage to your company's reputation. By integrating security into every step of the development cycle, DevSecOps teams identify potential threats early and address them swiftly. No more fighting fires at the eleventh hour when a vulnerability is discovered.

Gone are the days of manual security checks that slow down the development process. With continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, automated testing can be seamlessly integrated into your software development cycle, ensuring that security is integrated with your products from the very start.

Zinfinity delivers high-impact results in three easy phases

Phase One: Discovery

First we conduct value stream and pipeline mapping to analyze, design, and manage your flow. This process includes a toolchain assessment to determine whether your current tools are enhanced for meeting your enterprise objectives. We then assess your people and processes to optimize the arrangement of your resources and requirements.

Phase Two: Improvement Planning

Next we use our comprehensive maturity model to determine whether your business processes are ready to upscale alongside your enterprise. We run CI/CD processes to initiate automation. We factor in code quality and built-in security compliance. And then we assess your risk. We also develop the DevSecOps policy definitions that will become the core of your automation. Phase two closes by integrating vulnerability- and issue-resolution and then we help you select the tools that best serve your needs.

Phase Three: Implementation

In phase three we build and deliver an implementation plan that includes effort, cost, and duration. Then, upon your approval, we establish an architecture and design for your future-state pipeline. We configure various DevSecOps tools that provide maximum agility, elasticity, and security. Once everything is in place, we initiate adoption workshops (Ops/Dev/Sec/Infra) to help prepare your people to use the new cloud processes.

The Zinfinity DevSecOps Impact


Enjoy zero ambiguity on maturity, risk, and vulnerability through our intensive data-driven dashboards


Accelerate implementation effortlessly with simplified, automated pipelines and microservices


Ace your DevSecOps compliances with automated audits and continuous validation


Access cost-optimized tools with high availability for accessible self-service

Our security differentiators unlock value you

Draw workflow templates available as APIs for security scans, thresholds, stage gates and approvals easily

Minimal time taken for integration with the customer CI/CD pipeline and changes, if any

Access a dashboard to view all vulnerabilities and perform remediation

Meet all regulatory compliance requirements (For e.g. PCI, GDPR, HITRUST) with the policy engine

Utilize 350 KPIs and 600 best practices from planning to release

Reduce security scanning costs by monitoring usage and substituting open-source tooling where possible

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