Integrated Security Systems

Strategic Structures For Minimizing Loss And Protecting Your Assets

Zinfinity works to secure both digital data and on-site technology tools for businesses of all scales, creating integrated and synergistic security systems based on proven methodologies. These solutions are implemented by an elite team of industry experts with years of experience in protecting enterprises of all sizes.

We use cutting edge technologies designed to modernize your existing security environment and build an interconnected system for securing your most vulnerable assets. As your operations expand and evolve, Zinfinity is committed to creating scalable solutions that allow you the flexibility to add elasticity to your environment.

Our Focus Areas:

- Identity and Access Management
- Application and Data Security
- Cloud Security
- Threat Detection
- Network & Endpoint Security
- 24/7 Monitoring, Detection and Response

How We Help - We take a client-driven approach to cybersecurity that enables us to treat and prevent potential security threats from a holistic perspective. We work intimately with you and your team to identify areas of concern and develop solutions that support every stage of your operation in one seamless flow. Most importantly, our solutions are designed for optimal ROI, giving you the power to secure your enterprise without compromising budgets.

Our Methodologies

At our core, Zinfinity is fueled by integration. We use a multilayered security strategy that simultaneously covers both physical and digital assets under one secure umbrella. Our team will determine exactly which tools are needed for your business, including, access control systems, network security protocols and secure data storage and back-up. Next, we build an intricate web of connected communications that allow your security protocols to work in harmony, so you can shift your focus back to growing your business.

Zinfinity doesn’t simply give you the tools you need to boost your overall security posture. We build an intuitive and integrated solution that works symbiotically to enhance your on-site and online safety 24/7/365. Need more information? Contact us at

Cloud Solutions

Thinking about Cloud? Let Zinfinity assist in your journey, we can help pave the way to the cloud.

Zinfinity is an industry leader in providing cloud-based solutions. We help create the agility needed to be competitive in today’s digital world. Our solutions reduce the cost of traditional infrastructure and create scalable environments that support the longevity of your business, all from one secure, centralized location.

In today’s modern, serverless climate, we believe that proper data protocols should be powered by cutting edge technologies. Customized to adapt to the constantly evolving needs of your enterprise. Our team of experts are here to assist with that journey.

Our Focus Areas:

- Cloud Security 
- Cloud Management
- Cloud Data & Analytics
- Cloud Automation
- Storage and Disaster Recovery

How We Create Scalable Environments - At the root of our cloud practice lies an unwavering focus on overall agility and long-term growth potential, giving you the freedom to seamlessly scale your operations without the logistical growing pains and costs of traditional infrastructure. We work hand in hand with you to assess your current data and operational needs and design a specialized cloud based solution that is seamless to implement and manage.

Our Leading Edge Tools

When it comes to cloud management, Zinfinity offers an integrated approach that leverages the latest technologies and software to create a well-rounded solution. Zinfinity makes transitioning into a streamlined cloud-based environment fast, efficient and tailored to your long-term needs.

User-Centric Connectivity

Flexible And Agile Operations Driven By Modernized Solutions

Zinfinity helps alleviate the potential hurdles of operating across multiple networks, platforms, and remote sites .  We custom tailor connectivity solutions that put the power of effective communication back where it belongs…at your fingertips.

Ultimately, we believe that sustainable growth is built upon a foundation of consistent communication and effective operating procedures. That’s why our connectivity protocols are designed to go beyond technical solutions to provide scale-ready solutions for the future.

Solutions Designed To Give You…

- Seamless communications between hardwired and cloud-based technologies

- Simplified usages for employees both on-site and remotely

- Agile operations that adapt based on the on-going needs of your operation

- Sustainable growth systems and support the scalability of your enterprise

  • Traditional & Cloud-Based Systems

    Our team works to form an interconnected system between every hardwired electronic device within your operation, reducing the time spent performing daily tasks and creating a streamlined process for success.

  • Interconnected Back-Up Protocols

    No matter how your network and data back-up systems currently operate, we build secure connections between every end-point in your system, so you can easily share essential data, access cloud-based software and manage your operations without jumping between systems.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    We focus on building reliable, sustainable solutions that enhance your ability to operate and grow your profits without being weighed down by costly IT expenses. Our strategies are formed to optimize ROI during implementation and throughout the product lifecycle.

Modernized Architecture For Today’s Ever Changing World

Zinfinity believes that embracing the digital age should not add stress to your operations. That’s why we specialize in creating solutions that merge your existing physical technologies with cutting edge virtual tools, giving you a secure infrastructure for expedited growth. 

With secure digital infrastructure comes the limitless potential for long-term scalability. Our team works to create solutions that drive productivity, enhance communications and eliminate costly transitions. 

Our Infrastructure Provides You With…

- Seamless connections between the devices, systems and people who drive the success of your business

- Enhanced productivity tools that empower your team to achieve measurable results in a fraction of the time

- Long-term sustainability that allows you to evolve and scale your business without burdensome systems

- Easy adaptability to new and improved technology tools, so you can stay on the leading edge of digital business

- Innovative solutions to seemingly complex problems that minimize digital “growing pains”

  • Our Focus Areas for Digital Infrastructure:


    Orchestration and Automation


    End user computing

    Data Protection

  • Here’s How We Build Sustainable Structures

    We put the daily needs of you and your team at the forefront of our solutions, working with you to build a user-friendly infrastructure that empowers, simplifies and boosts performance at every level. Our team of certified experts use leading edge tools to create reliable operations that grow your bottom line and set your enterprise up for long-term success.

  • Data Storage Solutions

    Build a secure system for storing and protecting your most vulnerable digital assets from potential outside threats using modern cloud-based technologies and integrated connectivity.

  • Software Defined Infrastructure

    Optimize your operations for maximum scalability by dissolving an unsustainable reliance on hardware based systems.  Using software based solutions keeps your business agile in today’s every changing world of technology.

Zinfinity helps businesses of every size increase their overall productivity and earning potential.  We create comprehensive digital infrastructure customized to your long-term needs and goals.

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Maintain A Competitive Edge In The Modern Digital Age

At Zinfinity, we help operations of all sizes and scope create nimble, change-ready solutions for unpredictable marketplace fluctuations, so you can stay one step ahead of the curve, no matter what challenges your business may face. 
As entrepreneurs and IT experts, we know firsthand that unforeseen obstacles can place an unbearable weight on your daily operations. That’s why every solution we develop is fueled by competitive agility, allowing you to quickly adapt to changing market demands without stress or costly expenses.

This Style Of Agility Empowers Your Enterprise To…

- Recruit and on-board top tier talent in a fraction of the time, so you can grow your operation on your terms

- Quickly identify ideal candidates for every position in your enterprise without relying on potential human error

- Expand your talent pool with unprecedented access to our built-in network of industry leading IT professionals for every niche

- Create a proven record of excellence that puts your business one step ahead of other leading competitors at every stage of your operation

Maximize Your Technology Investment

With so many options available in today’s market, why not let Zinfinity handle your financial needs.  We have over 20 years of experience providing clients with financial solutions.  We leverage relationships across the financial community to ensure you receive the most competitive rate packages available. 

Utilizing Financial Advisory Services will:

- Assist the executives in meeting their cash-flow and capital funding goals

- Allow you to maximize your budgets

- Provide a path to upgrade the technology during the term of the lease

- Allow you to stay current with the latest trends in technology

- Reduce the risk of technology obsolescence

We offer several options for financing products, software and services via:

Fair Market Value | Capital Lease($1 Buy-Out) | Consumption-Based Programs | XaaS

Custom Financing Options:

Touch Payments | Purchase Lease Backs | Step Leasing | Deferred Payments